We started our journey to find a cottage in September 2016. We had no experience, very little knowledge and a whole world of questions!

We spoke to several realtors as we planned to investigate different regions and thought that local agents would provide the best resource.

Although we gained information from the realtors we spoke to, we didn’t feel an investment in our family until we met Todd.

Todd had a very different approach and attitude towards finding “the” cottage for us. We started with an exploratory search to understand what types of properties were available and what we would be interested in pursuing.

He wanted to know what we liked, what was important to us, what was a “deal” breaker and what was most desired. I felt that what was important to us, was important to Todd which made a huge difference.

We very quickly decided that we only wanted to work with Todd no matter which region we were looking at for the cottage! We felt comfortable and confident that Todd’s motivation was to fulfill our dreams in finding the best cottage for our family.

What stands out most for me is that Todd listened to understand and to really get to know us. He took the time to know us so well that as we walked in to see any property he instantly knew whether we were going to be interested or not!

Every time we asked anything (and trust me that was frequent): it was never too much trouble and Todd made sure that we had all the answers and anything else that was potentially relevant. He went above and beyond our expectations meeting us for the inspection and closing just to make sure everything went well.  We asked for recommendations on many resources: lawyer, insurance, home inspection, contractors and every time Todd gave great recommendations that resulted in good service and reasonable prices.

Bottom line we choose Todd because we were important to him, he cared about us, about what we wanted and finding the property that would bring our family great memories!

Thank you Todd, we value and appreciate you.

Carol and John


My wife and I were fortunate enough to meet Todd at the Cottage show in Toronto this year.  As this would be our first cottage we were literally clueless as to what we were up against.  Todd was AMAZING.  He took the time to ask us as many questions as he felt were important and never once pressured us in any way.  He set up a portal on his website for us that automatically populated with properties within our price range and criteria and we were able to narrow down our search without fuss.  Todd took the time to investigate each property and was tireless and most of all patient with us … lining up appointments and showing us as many properties as he felt were worth it.  Most importantly … he was always quick to point out any negative features we may have overlooked.  Without question … we would recommend Todd to anyone looking for real estate in cottage country.

Mike & Tricia Campitelli


When I first started talking to Todd about the sort of cottage property I was looking for, I was worried that he would struggle to understand my needs and would not be very interested in my budget, but I could not have been more wrong.  Despite my wish for something small, off-grid, on a river, away from boats and with some land for less than $200K, Todd went to work and found a number of really interesting possibilities.  It took me about a year to really understand what I wanted but Todd stuck with it and showed me many properties.  Ultimately, the beautiful retreat in the woods that I bought was found by Todd after I had basically given up looking.

Todd both listens and works hard to find properties and knows his trade well.  I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone.

John Marris